Working with MMTR Technology means…

Every company engaged in software development, quality assurance and automation services provision is unique. MMTR Technology is not an exception either. From the moment of company’s foundation up until now our services have developed and changed. However, there always has been something that remained unchanged. It is our principles. We believe the principles we follow are the pillars of the unique MMTR Technology’s purpose.

MMTR Technology principles


MMTR Technology is fundamentally committed to honesty. We value the trust we earn working with our clients and we do everything in order to keep it for the future. We are not only truthful to our customers, but candid and forthright. We never deliberately mislead or deceive our clients by misrepresentations, overstatements, partial truth, selective omissions, or any other means. We always provide supply them with relevant information.

“One must have guts to always be honest with their clients,” Roman SmirnovMMTR Technology Chief Executive Officer


Here in MMTR Technology we demonstrate compassion and a genuine concern for the well-being of each client. Every our specialist is caring, compassionate, benevolent, and kind. We do understand the intention of those who provide us with the projects because we care about the trust of our customers and always consider the business, financial, and emotional consequences of our actions. MMTR Technology specialists always seek to achieve their objectives in a manner that causes only the greatest positive good.

“In order to get the project completed successfully, one must feel their clients – their problems, tasks and exacting specifications,” Roman SmirnovMMTR Technology Chief Executive Officer


MMTR Technology always pursues excellence in every project. Our experts are qualified, experienced, well-informed, prepared to face challenges and constantly endeavoring to increase their proficiency.

“Deadlines are definitely important, but the result is even more so, and we always make sure to deliver perfection,” Roman SmirnovMMTR Technology Chief Executive Officer


In MMTR Technology our employees always look to develop themselves professionally. We are confident about our capabilities because of active participation in the development programs. Our experts are emotionally stable and have a consistent and efficient working and leadership style. Being open-minded enhances our learning capabilities and it also becomes useful in the problem solving process.

“When a project requires 10 developers or QA engineers, we involve just two, who will perform even better,” Roman SmirnovMMTR Technology Chief Executive Officer


Work is work, but it does not mean MMTR Technology treats it as ‘must do’. We care about the projects we develop and we create them flawlessly as if we were doing it for ourselves. Our experts understand that every product is unique and requires careful and precise analysis. MMTR Technology prioritizes quality over speed.

“Both every bit and every piece of code and even every pixel of the project we deliver must work according to the customer’s exacting specifications,” Roman SmirnovMMTR Technology Chief Executive Officer


MMTR Technology keeps promises and fulfills commitments. We understand the importance of our reputation as well as the importance of the pride and good morale of the employees. That is why we can be trusted: we always make every reasonable effort to comply with the letter and spirit of our promises and commitments. Our specialists and experts always stick to the agreements and follow our clients’ technical specifications.

“We are always sure that we and our clients are in agreement with specific deadlines, including year, day, time of day and time zone differences factors as well,” Roman SmirnovMMTR Technology Chief Executive Officer


MMTR Technology treats everyone with respect. We demonstrate respect for the human dignity, autonomy, privacy, rights, and interests. Our specialists are courteous and treat all people equally regardless of sex, race, or national origin. We never use words or actions that might undermine respect and we always take affirmative steps to correct or prevent inappropriate conduct. MMTR Technology’s code is to adhere to the golden rule: treat others the way we would like to be treated.

“We are sociable and always open to negotiations, because we understand we are all different but we share and respect our differences,” Roman SmirnovMMTR Technology Chief Executive Officer


Here at MMTR Technology we greatly value the introduction of large-scale innovations in the field of quality assurance, software development and automation services provision. We never resist, but with pleasure accept the challenges. We try to discover new ways that will allow us to perform our duties more efficiently and to win in the IT market.

“We are never afraid and we never resist a challenge to implement newer technologies into our stack when developing the projects,” Roman SmirnovMMTR Technology Chief Executive Officer


Thinking differently, MMTR Technology helps companies find new opportunities to develop or to test their projects. Because we tend not to believe in simply doing what we are asked to, we always show more commitment and proactivity in exploring other opportunities. Our specialists exceed expectations and take up every project with greater passion because of the enthusiasm to take up new challenges. Being creative, we respond smoothly to changes and never shudder when trying something different.

“We often surprise not only our clients but ourselves with new ideas and approaches to solving seemingly trivial tasks,” Roman SmirnovMMTR Technology Chief Executive Officer

These elements have taken root in our company, and will be passed on from one generation of the MMTR Technology employees to another. Our principles articulate MMTR Technology’s unique approach to perform our daily tasks.