MMTR Technology cares

With the New Year’s holidays upon us, we understand that it has been a long and hard year of working. Now, it is the best time to realize we all need a nice pause before entering the new year. MMTR Technology is aware that people working in such a field as software development and quality assurance services provision, spend a considerable amount of time with their coworkers, sometimes arguing and sometimes cooperating smoothly. The truth of the matter here is that the relationship spirit prevailing in the team might not always be ideal. Personal comfort in the workplace affects the organization’s performance. Therefore, in order to get together again, to resolve the pressing issues, and just to create a benevolent and relaxing atmosphere within the company, we are having our annual office party dedicated to the New Year holiday.

We are assured that a well organized corporate party is not just a matter of cheerful entertainment, but a perfect opportunity to share the difference, to let go of the old grudges, to relax your mind, and definitely to establish productive cooperation between employees. Not without a reason there is a statement “A sound soul dwells within a sound mind and a sound body“.