Life is very surprising. A big surprise also happened to our senior java developer Anastasia. She is an important part of MMTR Technology.

“I came to MMTR Technology as an angular developer at the age of 20 after receiving my undergraduate degree and my major was Information Technologies in Design,” Anastasia, Senior Java Developer

She decided to continue her university education. For the last 2 years and a half of her work in MMTR Technology there have been a lot of changes. She has mastered java technologies, has successfully passed her examinations, and has just received a graduate diploma.

“All these important and useful skills allowed me to get a promotion. Now I am a senior java developer and together with my new team, we are responsible for the development of a state project. I love it,” Anastasia, Senior Java Developer

Anastasia’s aspiration for continuous personal development boosted her professional growth.

“I have just received my graduate degree in IST – Information Systems and Technologies,” Anastasia, Senior Java Developer

Like most of our employees, Anastasia is not only hardworking and responsible but also very creative. We are convinced that thanks to Anastasia’s versatility she is a fast learner and can freely switch her tasks.

“In my free time I practice music, I play volleyball with my team from the university, and I also love drawing,” Anastasia, Senior Java Developer