The company engaged in software development and quality assurance services provision, must have perfectly adjusted links to have good cooperation with its clients. They will serve as straight communication channels between the client and the services provider. One of our qualified and experienced links at MMTR Technology is Uliana. She is our interpreter and a valuable asset in the WebCertain development and maintenance project division.

“I have been working here for one year and a half,” Uliana, Interpreter.

Her duties involve communication between the customer and her team, transforming clients’s words into development requirements, studying these requirements before providing them to the project development team, and specifying the deadlines for these tasks.

“Every day is like a challenge, I can never resist an opportunity to put my skills to the test,” Uliana, Interpreter.

She has to deal with both technical issues and cultural differences. However, the most surprising fact is that she really enjoys it. Difficulties never stop her but push to resolve them patiently and judiciously either on her own or with the support of her colleagues. We are glad that Uliana is working with us and has found a job fit to her needs.