Software Maintenance Engineer

Every software house that offers certified and experienced experts to work with complex systems to be used by the government requires people passionate with their work. In our case, Anton is one of them. He has been working in MMTR Technology for 2 years. As a software maintenance engineer, Anton is an important member of a dedicated maintenance team for the Unified Information System project.

“This project is intended for publishing different kind of information regarding government procurement, including contracts, purchases, and many others”, Anton, Software Maintenance Engineer.

Together with his team, they have been maintaining many systems: banking systems, mobile systems, computer systems, and many others. They were also responsible for development and maintenance of a banking system for a bank in Indonesia, a mobile application for real estate in Russia and an exam application that checks the english speaking skills.

Anton is currently working for the Unified Information System project.

“I face like tons of issues on a daily basis, such as massive incoming information that must be processed, sudden high priority tasks necessary to be done ‘yesterday’, etc. But I like it because problems are always a challenge for me”, Anton, Software Maintenance Engineer.

However, he manages to cope with them in no time because of his mentality.

“It is never impossible to cope with a large amount of tasks in a short period of time. To do it, there must be just a sort of a sequence of steps. According to the task priority definitely. I register issues with similar ‘symptoms’ in one case, and if they appear I resolve them as one saving a lot of time”, Anton, Software Maintenance Engineer.