Head of System Administration Department

To keep everything in order and fully operational for an IT company like MMTR Technology, it is important to have a big professional maintenance team. However, we think differently. We believe having just two qualified and dedicated experts may be enough to support the whole system of the company. One of our head of system administration department Yuri agrees with that idea.

“It is time consuming for real and sometimes even hard to manage everything, but we do not struggle because it is always a challenge” – Juri Mihaylov, Head of System Administration Department

Together with Dmitry, they are responsible for maintaining, supporting and fixing electronics and networks. It is magical seeing both of them being able to fulfill their goals.

“We are absolutely fine with it and we are able to perform our duties and obligations” – Juri Mihaylov, Head of System Administration Department

They deal with a massive amount of issues on a daily basis. The problems include: the servers may shut down, our software tools require adjustments, some system infrastructure puzzles appear every day. But their qualification and experience help resolve all those issues in a matter of no time.