Being in a big team makes it become a big part of you. That is what happened to Alena, our Java Developer. Having worked for only two months with us, she was welcomed to the big MMTR Technology family with full heart and soul wide opened.

I am a “comrade” of our team lead, Anton Zhizhikin – Alena Kudryavtseva, Java Developer

Now, she is a full team member engaged in the development and processes optimization. Her group has worked on a lot of projects of various fields, including web-applications for the government, banking systems, mobile software and many others. Each took a lot of efforts and emotions to complete. During the development, they used different technologies, for example html, javascript, jQuery, jsp, sprting-web-flow, java, hibernate, SQL…

The applications we create vary in their degree of complexity but they are what they are. Our goal is to make them user friendly and easy to decode if further maintenance is required – Alena Kudryavtseva, Java Developer

Currently, Alena is taking part in a project for the Unified Information System company’s client. As the project was started from scratch, she puts some creativity into her tasks. That allows her to overcome the difficulties she faces, of course with the help of her team’s support and contribution. She believes it is important to change your point of view sometimes, letting yourself analyse issues from different angles.

I don’t know how to explain it. I am just glad that my team supports me, because for me it’s important – Alena Kudryavtseva, Java Developer