Imagine you have found a job, but you are not completely sure whether it is exactly the one you have been looking for. And now, imagine that the job actually helped you develop your talents and abilities to their fullest potential. That is what our Jane is all about. She is our project manager from the quality assurance department. Being persistent, strong in spirit and body, well organized, openhearted and communicative, Jane managed to promote herself from quality assurance engineer to quality assurance project manager in just 2 years, working in different projects, providing her expertise for banking systems, insurance companies, GPS and many others. Her responsibilities include leading the quality assurance department in any direction, defining qa standards for the projects, team organization and leading, test-cases and test-methods creation and review. Jane also runs tests herself, such as regression, functional, non-functional, smoke, etc., and tracks bugs and resolves all the queries.

“I simply enjoy doing that by myself” – Jane Kalinina, Quality Assurance Department Project Manager

Now Jane and her team are providing their expertise and competence for a banking system project. Although she is not new for this field of work, still there are issues that might appear during the project development, such as banking business-process understanding, communication with the customer, time management because of the time zone difference. To resolve these problems, Jane puts her very heart, soul and smart brain which has never failed her and never will.