When you are young, you perceive the world differently. This ability allows you to provide your colleagues with outstanding ideas. Veronica, our certified and competent system analyst knows it better than anybody else. Having worked for only one year and a half on that position, she has managed to achieve certain results, contributing her best to her team and to the projects she has worked on.

At this very moment, Veronica together with her colleagues, is engaged in the government procurement portal development project. As a system analyst, her primary objectives are to create and maintain the register of the qualified outsourcing organizations. As she personally admits, there are a lot of challenges regarding this large-scale project, from subject domain complications to the dilemmas with the requirements specifications!

“The state acts as a customer here, and the laws are the requirements, which are often hard to understand” – Veronica DrepinaSystem Analyst of Business Analyst Department

But, with the help of her project manager, team lead and colleagues from Moscow, competent tasks requirements organization and the experience gained at work, the process of issues resolution becomes much easier.