Have you ever sensed that you are the best at your job and you like it? Our project manager Artem knows this feeling. He is a software engineer and a team lead. Together with his team, they have developed several applications for web marketing agencies providing them with SEO and SEM functionality and reporting. The developed projects involve C#, WCF, Java, PHP, Python and front end development. Saying a few words about Artem, he has been working in MMTR Technology for more than ten years developing applications, integrating customers’ advertising reports from various reporting systems and processing complex data to visualize it in a friendly form. They provide customers with a unified interface for different marketing systems simplifying their reporting and getting all the information in one place. Among the projects they developed, there are also several corporate portals for real estate agents.

Currently, Artem and his team are dealing with continuously growing data for one of our clients from the United Kingdom, managing to deliver results as fast as possible and resolving issues that appear in the development. For instance, they are integrating new reporting APIs and data views as well as maintaining the system and updating it regularly.