What does it feel like being a gifted business IT systems analyst? Let Anastasia share her feelings about it with you. She has been working in MMTR Technology for more than two years. Being an IT systems analyst Anastasia plays a giant role defining the exacting project requirements from the clients when negotiating with them, structuring these requirements, by documenting them, making words become functional project specifications, evaluating project costs and estimating deadlines for each of them. She plays an important role acting as a link between customers and our developers and quality assurance engineers.

Currently, she is engaged in functional specification development for a mobile application provided by the government procurement project. Making a functional specification of such complexity involves documenting the clients exacting requirments for the user interface on the iOS platform and a detailed functional description. The main difficulty, as Anastasia says, is the government procurement official portal complicated structure. It requires using precise ranging analysis method, to create iOS application description. Fortunately for her, knowing that method of analysis very well, she resolves the issues as they occur.