Working with an IT organization, like MMTR Technology, means to know its employees in person. That is why we are proud to introduce one of our Java and QA engineers Max Vetugov. Working in the development and optimization department, Max plays an important role being responsible for the private part of the Unified Information System project development. The team he is working in is quite young, in comparison with all the others. It is 2 years old. However, they have already managed to participate in more than 6 projects – conducting development, support and maintenance in 4 of them from scratch. All of these are in the UIS project. During their work Max and his team have been using html, javascript, jQuery, jsp, sprting-web-flow, java, hibernate, and SQL.

Currently, he is occupied with bug-fixing and maintenance for their major project. He faces some issues in his tasks such as ‘external subsystems requests‘. To resolve that issue, Max together with his colleagues being guided by their wise team lead, had to analyze some external systems in order to optimize the subsystems’ processes.