MMTR Technology launches blog section

What future awaits IT companies? What will our company be like tomorrow and what is its current state? What is happening in the nowadays field of Software Development, Quality Assurance and Automation services and what are the requirements imposed? What standards are used in modern software houses and what to expect in the future — these and many other questions concern many, including our clients. To answer them, we would like to announce that here in Kostroma, Russia, MMTR Technology launches its information and research blog to keep you updated on the most recent and relevant IT news in our organization and in the world.

“The MMTR Technology blog project starts in the beginning of November, 2017. We expect to provide the latest, most relevant and interesting news in the information technologies and telecommunications world. We are inspired to share with the World who we are, what experience, competence and expertise we possess. And we are made of definitly” – Roman TatarinovHead of Development Department

MMTR Technology blog project will unite different media resources dedicated to information technologies and telecommunications.

We feature:

  • Vlog – a video blog where we interview our top notch developers, engineers and top managers
  • About us – this is a section, where we post our principles, values, missions and updates
  • Articles – reports provided by our employees from different departments, where they share their experience, expertise and competence
  • Feed posts – quick updates within MMTR Technology structure, stacks, projects, fields of activity, etc.
  • News – overviews of the events happening in our company

We believe IT blog is interesting. The primary objectives of our blog are to show, that we are open to public, we are willing to cooperate and we are ready to share our experience with others.

We are MMTR Technology and We Welcome You with our Heart and Soul wide open!